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Rectangular Sterling silver cufflink (polished finish)

Image of Rectangular Sterling silver cufflink (polished finish)


Sterling silver ~6.6g brass bullet backs and bushman motif 1.25cmx2.5cm engraved.

Bushmen are the oldest existing population as analysis of the blood of San people shows the oldest genetic markers on earth. They are depicted in the famous intricate rock and cave paintings in the Cape of southern parts of Africa. The bushmen as depicted in the silver accessories hunted using poison arrows and spears for extented laborious, and exurting periods of time. Know for their stamina, great tracking abilities and all around efficiency.

Celebrate the bushman spirit of stamina and endurance in you with these sophisticated cufflinks and other accessories. Make an impression with everyday business attire, at your wedding or any special occasion while wearing French Cuffs. Made in South Africa.